Common Clients and Issues


DogLogic clients  have:


-recently adopted a dog, or on the verge of re-homing their dog. 


-had their dog for many years and are experiencing a change in the dogs' behaviour, which can occur for many different reasons.


-tried techniques that were successful with previous dogs, or recommended by other trainers or industry professionals, with little or no success.


- have introduced a new dog, or other lifestyle change, that is causing their dog to respond inappropriately, or is making their dog uncomfortable. 


                     DogLogic clients range from "new to the dog world",

                        to very "dog knowledgeable".  All are welcome!


Common Issues are:


anxiety, aggression, excessive barking, change in behaviours, soiling (not basic house training), jumping/nipping; and/or issues common with newly adopted dogs (preventative or responding to).