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Billie Groom, BA, PhD Animal Cognition and Emotions (course), PhDLC (candidate)
Canine Consultant and Behaviorist,
Leader in Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Speaker, Author, Podcast Host,
Social Entrepreneur, Animal Advocate.

*Feature Presenter at the Animal Behavior Society Conference (2022 and 2023)

*Keynote Speaker at the Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Conference (2022 and 2023)

*Featured in Psychology Today Magazine (2022) by Marc Bekoff

*Featured Writer in LiT Magazine as an expert in Passionpreneurship (2022)

*Winner of the Global Business Award (2021) for Client Satisfaction, Longevity, and Positive Impact

*Host of Effective Animal Advocacy on All About Animals Radio 

*Advisory Board Member for Canine Innovations Inc. (University of Texas at Dallas)

*Speaker at the University of Regina (2019)

*Author and Winner of the American Best Book Fest Awards (Pets/Narrative Non-Fiction)

*Featured on Roku TV as a Recognized Innovator and Entrepreneur by IGNITE Your Essence

*Guest on DVM 360, Dog Connection Show, Voices for Animals, The Entrepreneur Way, The Vet Blast, The Animal Innovations Show, Dog Lovers Live, Dog Desk Radio, and more

*Guest on Access TV with Lisa Peters

*Published in Happy Homes Dogs Mag, Ruff Drafts Mag, American Assoc. of Pet Parents, Cold Noses News, Dog Desk Mag., and more

*Member of the Comparative Cognition Society, Animal Behavior Society, and Dog Writers Association of America

*Podcast Host - "Dog Training DisrUPted" is recognized as one of the most impactful shows in the dog behavior category. 

*Awarded by Toronto Humane Society, CHML Radio, Stoney Creek Animal Control, and recognized by many rescue organization for her work with behaviorally challenged dogs.

*School of Leadership and Change, PhD Program, Antioch University (Aug. 2023 - virtual)

*Graduate of the University of Western Ontario 

Journey from Animal Advocate to Creator of Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Behavior 

You could say I have had an unconventional journey, spanning over three decades, which has provided me with an advanced knowledge of dogs and great insight into the dog-world, which cannot be achieved through conventional learning. I did not study CBT for dogs and then apply it to dogs. My work with dogs has provided me with a wealth of experience. These dogs all had different pasts and experiences, so it is necessary to acknowledge their pre-conceived perceptions and their life-skills. I learned how to reach the cognitive side of their brain and to use this skill to effectively integrate them into our world. From there, I learned how to teach it to people and voluntarily worked with dozens of rescue organizations. This allowed me to create an easy to follow system which continues to save the lives of dogs and the sanity of the people who love them, everyday.

”I never liked the title of “Behaviorist” because it sounds so uptight and “Behavioral Rehabilitation” is so rule orientated. I educate people on how to apply cognitive behavioral therapy to easily and effectively reach their goals, of which addressing unwanted behaviors is common. I approach this much like a “Mixologist” - I am an expert at understanding how to creatively use different elements in a manner that adheres to a scientifically proven formula to achieve a desired outcome. Hence, I am an entrepreneur and a Dogologist.”

For more info on my learning journey, pls visit the links on this website to the many podcasts, tv shows and articles I am featured on. My book and my podcast begin with this journey.

My podcast: Season 1- Part 1 of 4 - Who the hell is Billie Groom? (

My Mission as an Animal Welfare Activist:

I am motivated to spread awareness of UPWARD Dogology because everyday I help people who are at their wits end. The most common response is, “Why is this methodology not “out there?”  It grinds my gears me when I hear about dogs being put down because of behavioural problems which Conditioning Methods were unable to effectively address. CCBT is making an impact everyday, and needs to be a part of mainstream dog education, in addition to positive reinforcement training and other non-aversive Conditioning methods, to effectively address the needs of dogs of all ages, personality types and backgrounds.

I Owe it to the Dogs

I am grateful for the many dogs I have had the opportunity to work with, including dogs from the Yulin Fest, fighting rings, reserves of Northern Canada, backyard breeders, basements, ditches, rooftops, the streets of Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, China, Korea, and the Galgos from Spain. My current dogs include a street dog from Mexico and a street dog from Costa Rica. I am a cardio junkie and lover of the outdoors. I enjoy reading fictional books (especially crime thrillers), and I can be seen enjoying a beer on a patio, preferably with dogs.


I would love to hear from you! 

Before contacting me, please familiarize yourself with the Program and Pricing. Thank you  

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