Our Methodology - Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, by UPWARD Dogology

UPWARD Dogology adheres to a methodology - not a training technique. A Methodology follows general principals, practices and procedures to creatively combine and apply tools*, techniques and approaches to achieve success.  UPWARD Dogology is NOT one specific training technique that a dog must adhere to.  


NOTE: Tools are not physical tools; they are the building blocks, or foundation, of UPWARD Dogology.


UPWARD Dogology is grounded in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), as opposed to standard Operant Conditioning. Operant Conditioning uses positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement to encourage expected behaviour and discourage unwanted behaviour (respectively). Commonly, Positive Reinforcement Trainers recommend replacement training, distraction training, crating, and standard house training and socialization techniques, which are effective with puppies, but often fail with dogs because they are reactive in nature and work on the assumption all dogs want to learn new behaviours or change their behaviours to please their person.

UPWARD Dogology is Pro-Active in nature. We teach your dog skills that can then be applied to teach expected behaviour, decrease aggression and anxiety, and successfully integrate your dog into your lifestyle. UPWARD Dogology is force free, fear free and, most importantly, is effective with  each individual dog because it is adaptable and flexible. CBT acknowledges and uses the cognitive side of the brain, provides dogs with the skills to work through situations, change their perceptions, and in turn, change behavior.

Dogs Love Canine CBT!

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