Program and Pricing


We can work with your dog from anywhere!  The program and pricing is essentially the same as described below. Our first session is either outside (your yard or a park like area) or via phone, and may include Skype or Videos.  Additional on phone sessions can be scheduled accordingly. Videos and communication between these sessions are extremely helpful.  The one-time fee ensures this program to be effective and easy!

I work one on one with you (families welcome).  Dogs must be over 6 months of age.




THE INITIAL SESSION is 1.5 hours (commonly) and takes place in your home.  This session provides a lot of information.  The core tools that will be built on and applied in the follow up sessions are established in this session.  I suggest those who will be attending one or more of the follow up sessions , and/or who will be working with the dog, attend this session. 


FOLLOW UP SESSIONS are approximately 30-40 minutes and take place in an agreed upon area that is suitable to needs of the training program.   ie - off-leash dog park; Wascana Park; your neighbourhood; in your home with added distraction ie - people coming over.   These sessions are booked as the program goes along.

For follow-up sessions that would normally be held in-home (ie - jumping up on guests) the sessions in outdoor areas provide the skills to be transferred to in-home. The sessions can be via zoom or facetime 


Anyone is welcome to come to the follow up sessions; however, at least one member who attended the first session must be present.  NOTE:  The follow up session build off of the information and exercises from the initial session. Those who attend the follow up sessions without attending the initial session may find it difficult to follow along. 


There is no time restriction/end date to the program. As a DogLogic client you are always welcome to contact me regarding change in behaviours, questions, refreshers etc  You are not paying for time spent in sessions - you are receiving on going advice and information in the method best suited to the needs of your dog and family.


You are required to apply the techniques to the best of your ability and provide updates/question etc which can be via phone, text, video and/or email between the first few sessions.  There is no additional fee for this communication. 




The one time fee for the program is $450.00 payable at the first session by cash or etransfer.   


There are no refunds.  Please visit "Guarantee and Responsibilities" and "FAQ's" for more information.


Confirmation of payment is sent in writing when payment is received. If paying by e-transfer, an automatic confirmation is sent when the funds are accepted/received.