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Dog Training, Dog Cognition, Behavioral Rehabilitation.

Live (Regina) and Virtual

As Featured in Psychology Today Magazine with Marc Bekoff,

Dog Training: Perception, Cognition, and Emotions | Psychology Today
and on the LA Tribune Live

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Dog Training and Behavioral Rehabilitation for dogs over six months of age using
Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
by UPWARD Dogology
Live and Zoom in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Live" Virtual Sessions Worldwide!

NOTE - our program is
one-on-0ne, NOT generic material.

Billie Groom, creator of UPWARD Dogology, is the expert on Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With over three decades of experience, you can be confident her scientifically proven, fear free methodology, will help you and your dog effectively address behaviors associated with aggression, anxiety, adolescent dogs (6-20 months approx), adult dogs, and rescued and adopted dogs. 

                          There is no “one right way” to work with a dog. 

If you feel defeated, or as though you have no choice but to surrender, medicate or euthanize your dog, you are not alone. If you are frustrated by the limitations of commonly recommended dog training techniques, it is not your fault!

Techniques, such as positive reinforcement training, (including positive corrections/punishment), and other conditioning methods, such as counter conditioning and classical conditioning, are effective with puppies and some dogs, but can be limiting with adolescent dogs, mature dogs, adopted dogs, and those with disadvantaged pasts. As with humans, not all dogs think and learn the same way. Methods which were effective during puppyhood may not be as they mature, or with dogs with different personalities, histories and behavioral issues.

                                 NOTE: Dogs must be over six months of age. 

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Winner of the 2019
Best Book Fest Award

Winner of the 2021

Global Business Award

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Check out our podcast to learn more about Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Billie is honored to be a speaker at the Animal Behavior Society Conference, July 19-23, 2022


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