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You have found the experts
in Dog Training and Canine Behavior!
Regina, SK, and Worldwide

We provide proven solutions for all dog behavior issues with adolescent, adult and adopted dogs in Regina, Saskatchewan and Worldwide.  Live and/or Virtual Options!

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Dog Training, Behavioral Consulting using a proven, 
psychology-based method.
Three Decades of Success! Thousands of Dogs!
Live (Regina/SK ) and Virtual (Worldwide)

Three Decades of Success! Thousands of Dogs!


UPWARD Dogology™ is an evidence-based method proven to address behaviors associated with:


Adolescent Behaviors - 

jumping, nipping, thieving, refusing to listen, chewing, messing, bullying etc

Adopted Dog Challenges
Behaviors Common with Adult Dogs


It is common for reinforcement-based methods, using rewards, association, distraction, and desensitization to be effective during puppyhood, yet ineffective with adolescent and adopted/rescued dogs, based on brain development and the psychology driving these methods. BUT WAIT - this does not mean your only option is negative or harmful methods.

There is no “one right way” to work with a dog.

If you feel defeated, or as though you have no choice but to surrender, medicate, apply unsavory techniques, or euthanize your dog, you are not alone. If you are frustrated by the limitations of commonly recommended dog training techniques, it is not your fault!

UPWARD Dogology is the only scientifically proven method adhering to the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The formula is easy to apply, logical and effective.
The only “tool” used is your dog’s brain!

The program is one-on-one (not generic material) and is available VIRTUAL or LIVE

About Billie Groom

Billie has dedicated 3 decades to working with adolescent and adult dogs, and voluntarily helping rescued dogs and the people who love them, around the globe. Her unconventional learning journey led to the creation of UPWARD Dogology™, an evidence-based method which is changing the landscape of rehabilitation, behavioral education, and rescue and welfare.

Billie is featured in:

Psychology Today Magazine
L.A. Tribune
LiT Magazine
Roku TV

Billie is a featured speaker at:

The Animal Behavior Society Conference 2022
Animal Science and Veterinarian Medicine Conference 2022

Winner of the Global Business Awards 2021

Billie is a guest on dozens of podcasts and
radio shows as an:

Animal Welfare Advocate
Expert in Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Social Entrepreneur
Leader in Canine Behavior
Award Winning Author
Podcast Host

Flat Book Cover.jpg

Winner of the 2019 American Best Book
Fest Award

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Check out our podcast to learn more about Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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