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Dog Training Program and Pricing

Dog Training Program and Pricing



PRICING: (see below for Program details) 

Since I began offering dog training to clients in the mid 1990s, I have always offered a one-time fee. The one-time fee ensures we work at the right pace for your dog and has proven to be most effective and preferred by clients.

The one-time fee is $600.00 

*There is no time limit or limit to the number of sessions you may get - you are paying for advice, not time. Think of it like a gym membership! Results require participation, and you do not pay each time you go to the gym. Perfect!

*There is no additional fee for multiple dogs living in the same household with the same person/people participating in the program.

*It is best to have everyone involved with the training at the first session, but not mandatory. Only those at the first session will be considered clients, but others are welcome to join in at any time. Not everyone at first session is required to attend all sessions. 

To get started:


1) let me know if you have any questions about the program (info below) or pricing 


2) please confirm in a message reading and agreeing to the terms of use (legalities/liabilities), client responsibilities, and FAQ's. 


3) in your message, please let me know if you prefer weekdays, weekday evenings, or weekend days for your initial session. This preference can change for future sessions. Please include your time zone. 

4) once we schedule our first session, you can send payment. We accept payment via e-transfer only for those living in Canada. We use PayPal only for international clients. Do not send payment prior. Payment is refundable in full prior to the beginning of the first session. There are no refunds, of any amount, granted after the beginning of the first session.


The Personalized Program (family pet training) is perfect for those needing help with their own family dog(s) or for fosters who need help with a specific dog in their care.

All dogs must be over six months of age and be family pets - these are the only requirements!      

This program is NOT an online course.


1) Initial Zoom Session - THIS IS NOT A CONSULT. In this session, we dive right into the program to address your needs. This session is two-way communication (Q and A on both parts). It is commonly an hour (ish). We establish the platform exercises, which vary depending on the dog, behaviors, lifestyle and goals. NOTE: If we meet live first, all that happens is I see the dog be bad lol Whereas in our first live session, we apply the skills and exercises to make progress.

2) You apply the exercises established in session one for approximately 4-7 days. YOU ARE REQUIRED to send updates and questions via videos, text, emails or phone calls of which we will respond to ensure you are comfortable and on the “right path”. The changes and progress determine our next steps.

3) Schedule Follow-up sessions, which are commonly half hour and are zoom and/or live, one-on-one.

4) Continue to apply exercises, provide information, communicate, and schedule sessions as per our discussions (individual for each client). Information and advice is equally effective whether provided “live” or via zoom, videos etc. As per the pricing, you are not paying for time, but rather for advice. To effectively provide this advice, we require feedback and two way communication. Remote/distance clients are required to send videos unless previously agreed upon otherwise.

NOTE: Listening to season 1 of the podcast is advantageous - it increases the rate and speed of success and makes learning CBT much easier. If you cannot listen to the podcast, that is fine - you will still be easily to understand the concepts. For your benefit, the first session is recorded, as it is a ton of information!

For those living in the Regina, SK area:

The program will be a combination of live, one-on-one sessions (held in different places depending on your specific needs), and communication via text, video, Zoom, telephone, etc. If you live outside Regina, you should be prepared to come into Regina at least once during the program, but this varies. Travel to areas within one hour of Regina are at no additional cost. Sessions are only held outside.

For those living elsewhere: 

Working with clients remotely is not new for me.  I have clients across Canada, the US,  the UK, India, Asia, and Central America.  We use Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, phone conversations, emails, and share many videos.  My extensive experience allows me to envision situations, ask the "right" questions (there are no wrong answers), and provide effective advice. Two way communication allows for the program to be geared to your needs, at work at the pace of your dog.

The remote training program includes Zoom, Facetime, video, telephone, email, text etc .
YOU ARE REQUIRED to send videos performing the exercises with your dog. It is highly recommended to have someone else willing to video. This person does not need to live with you, or be part of the program, but can be called upon to video as needed.


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