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Seventeen years ago I learned a big lesson.  At a dinner party I was asked what I did for a living I said I was a Dog Behaviourist,  which resulted in everyone telling me stories about their dog.  One woman looked at me and said "My dog was really aggressive.   You would have advised me to put her down, which I did.  I had no choice.  I tried everything."  She was genuinely sad and I felt for her, although   I had two options:  1) be sympathetic and assure her she made the right choice 2) tell her we will never know if I could have helped. 


Number one gets you invited back to dinner parties; number two is truthful. 

The goal of the DogLogic program is to provide my clients with the information; skills; advice; and 

I guarantee I will always be truthful when working with you and your dog. I provide unlimited information; explain techniques clearly; provide hands-on training; and am dedicated to you as a client and a dog owner.  I will respect you as a dog owner; a client; and a person,  and I will respect the decisions you make in the better interest of your dog and your family.

I guarantee the techniques and advice I provide will be different than what you have previously tried.  UPWARD Dogology is proven effective with dogs over six months of age.  The most common response I receive from my clients is "Why is this information not in books or on-line?  Why did my last trainer tell me to do........"

I guarantee I will be available for sessions and advice in a reasonable time frame which works within both of our schedules.  I am available seven days a week.  My clients are my first priority - I do not have family and I live conveniently downtown (not a farm in the outskirts)  I am not hard to find - I am always training at the dog parks.  I prioritize high-end aggression and death-row dogs; however, this does not mean other clients are not a priority.

Client Responsibilities:

- provide information

- ask questions

- apply the techniques in the sessions and between sessions

- provide feedback/communication between sessions

- book sessions

- be careful/responsible/aware/ with aggressive or potentially aggressive dogs

- be on time for sessions and/or text or call if late or need to reschedule

- be honest when providing information

- be open minded and creative

- have fun

REPEAT.  Not necessarily in this order.   :-)

Every client is required to provide confirmation of reading and agreeing to Client Responsibilities.

DogLogic reserves the right to suspend or discontinue working with clients who are disrespectful; practice unsafe measures; do not adhere to the program, including client responsibilities; are dishonest; and/or are in the DogLogic program for any reason other than to work together in the better interest of their dog and their family. 


DogLogic reserves the right to refuse any amount of refund to any client at any time in the program.  

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