Dog Behaviourist and Author,
                                                                          Billie Groom

                                      “Taking You Beyond Positive Reinforcement Training”


Billie Groom, owner of DogLogic Behavioural Rehabilitation and author of
“The Art of Urban People With Adopted and Rescued Dogs Methodology”
takes you on a bare-bones learning journey to change the way you view working with
dogs over the age of six months and rescued and re-homed dogs.

You Will Learn:

-why Positive Reinforcement Training is often limiting
-why the Alpha and Dominance approach is counter-productive
-what Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is and why it is so effective
-how to apply CBT at the base level to effectively “read” and “teach” your dog
-how to easily integrate a dog over six months into a new home
-how to increase bonding, prevent unwanted behaviour, and address anxiety and aggression.

You Will Receive:

-a signed copy of Billie’s book, “The Art of UPWARD Methodology”
-a reduced rate into the DogLogic program (via Skype, videos, phone calls, texts and/or emails)
-a whole new outlook on how to calmly and effectively work with your dog

                                                  RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN

For three decades, Billie has worked exclusively with dogs over the age of six months, majority rescued or rehomed. As the owner of DogLogic Behavioural Rehabilitation, she has taught UPWARD Methodology to hundreds of people every year. She knows dogs AND she knows the struggles and frustrations people like yourself encounter everyday. Billie formulated UPWARD Methodology based on her extensive work (professionally and volunteer) with dogs AND people.  The UPWARD Methodology formula is adaptable to every dog and lifestyle and is proven effective.

“Working with a dog is not about rules or convincing dogs to think a certain way – it is about learning how to calmly and effectively integrate each individual dog into our lives.”

DATE: February 8th, 2020
LENGTH: approx. 2.5 hours (short break and Q and A period)
TIME AND LOCATION: To Be Announced (afternoon in downtown Saskatoon)
COST: $125 per person – includes signed copy of the book and reduced rate for the online program
NOTE: It is not recommended to bring children under the age of 14

                  Registration Begins January 23rd, 2020.  Limited space available.

REGISTRATION:  Please send payment of $125.00 to  AFTER January 22nd, 2020.   You will receive a confirmation number and information on the time and location of the event.  If you prefer PayPal, please email the same address for information.  Thank you.